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Think A Generator Is Too Expensive? Think Again

Many homes and businesses are lacking a backup generator. There are several reasons for this. Many home and business owners believe that they can't afford to purchase a generator to have on hand in case of an emergency. Generators can be a hefty investment, especially for something that is not used very often. However, there are several reasons to purchase a backup generator for your property, and keep it in good working order. 

Comfort and Convenience

When the power goes out in your area, it can be scary for young children, elderly individuals and people with special needs or medical considerations. The weather in Canada also gets quite cold in the winter - many people have some form of electric heating. Even though Canada is fairly far north, summers can be quite warm; warm enough to make many people uncomfortable without some type of air conditioning. Having a generator at your disposal allows you to provide electricity to your home or business and keep the interior temperature comfortable. It also allows you to keep refrigerated and frozen foods at a proper temperature so they don't spoil. This eliminates food waste and hours spent cleaning up the mess after everything in your fridge or freezer goes bad. It will also save you hundreds of dollars at the grocery store, as you will not need to replace spoiled food or buy extra cleaning supplies to sanitize your appliances.


Waiting on the hydro company to restore service can be excruciating, especially if you are not sure how long it will take to get your electricity back on. A generator will allow you to be self-reliant. You can have your lights back on and enjoy your normal lifestyle, without waiting for a third party to get you back online and powered up. This is a great feeling, especially for those areas where the power goes out frequently due to storms and other issues.

Property Values

Installing a generator in your home or business can increase your property value if you ever decide to sell. Many buyers are now looking for a property that has a generator already installed. This saves them the expense and the hassle of acquiring a generator for their new property themselves. Adding a generator (click here for more information) to your property will make it more attractive to potential buyers. It will also increase your property value; many times it will pay for itself. 

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Making The Switch To An Electric Car

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