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Benefits Of Using Modular PLCs In Your Apparel Manufacturing Business

If you own your own apparel manufacturing business, you should consider installing a modular PLC (program logic control). A PLC is basically a rack mounted computer that is used to run an automated system, such as the machines you use to make shirts, scarves, etc. You see PLCs every day but probably do not realize it. When you sit at a traffic light and the light changes from red to yellow to green, a PLC is causing this to happen. Before you learn the benefits of a modular PLC, you should understand there is another type: a fixed PLC. Below are some benefits of choosing a modular PLC over the fixed PLC.

More Memory

Fixed PLCs are much more limited in what they can house, as the system cannot hold as much information as a modular system. This is because a fixed PLC is housed in only one case, so there is no room to expand it. It is much more advantageous to choose a modular PLC, as they can be expanded, and therefore can hold much more information.

Increased I/O Modules

The fixed PLC has a limited number of I/O modules, which limits its performance. Modular PLCs, on the other hand, can handle more complex processes. For example, with a fixed PLC you may be able to run only one machine, such as a machine that makes shirts. With a modular PLC, you could run multiple machines, such as one that makes shirts and another that makes scarves.

Can Handle Expansion

As your business grows, you may need to add more machinery. A fixed PLC would not be able to handle this addition. A modular PLC, on the other hand, can be expanded to handle your company's growth.

Easy to Troubleshoot

If you have problems with one of your machines, a modular PLC system would shut it down, as well as shut down your other machinery. Because a modular system can handle many more processes, it would take down only the machine that is not working properly, and leave the other machines running. For example, your machine that makes scarves may be down, but your machine that makes shirts may still be running.

PLCs are part of a controlled circuit, and this is something you should not try to install yourself. Instead, hire an electrician like PWPC Electric Services Certified Electricians to do the installation for you to ensure the controlled circuit, wiring, and the system are installed properly.

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