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Three Indications That You May Need To Have Your Home Rewired

Although the wiring in your home is largely hidden, it's important that you don't take an "out of sight, out of mind" approach to maintaining it.  Making sure that the electrical wiring in your home is in tip top shape is vital if you want to keep your family and valuables safe.  While there are some electrical wiring issues that seem to crop up overnight, oftentimes there are clues that were ignored along the way that pointed to the development of a serious wiring issue.  Use this information so you can better detect when your home needs to be rewired.

You Have An Older Home

If you live in an older home, investing in a complete rewiring job may be a very wise choice.  Modern appliances require much more voltage than older models, and this extra current can wear away the insulation around your electrical wires much more quickly.  This is dangerous because an un-insulated wire can catch fire before your know it.

You can find out if your older home needs to be rewired by calling in an electrician, who will perform a whole home electrical inspection.  The electrician will test your wiring system to find out if it has the capacity to stand up to the rigors that your family is putting it through.

You Notice Discolored Outlets

A tell-tale sign of the need for new electrical rewiring is a charred or darkened mist appearing on your electrical outlets.  The char appears because one or more of the wires behind that outlet have shorted due to an inability to accept a flow of electrical current. 

Charred outlets should never be ignored, because they are often the warning sign before a more serious electrical issue occurs.  When you notice discolored outlets, contact an electrician immediately.

Your Home Has A Burnt Smell

If you are constantly running around your home to figure out what is burning but come up blank, it may be time to have your electrical wiring looked at.  Sparks fly when wires are un-insulated, and this causes a slightly burnt smell to be emitted into your home. 

Although the smell will likely be faint, it is undeniable and is a key indicator of a wiring problem.  A professional electrician, such as from Crown Electric Ltd., can help you track down the source of the scent, as well as resolve the issue.

When you observe any of these signs, it's crucial that you take action right away.  Let these indications be your guide so you can protect your home and the ones that you love.

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