Making The Switch To An Electric Car

Working On A Kitchen Remodel? Hire An Electrician To Handle Sensitive Projects

Over time, it is inevitable for homeowners to remodel their home, whether it is based on want or need. Appliances, plumbing systems, and electrical systems need to be upgraded at some point in time, which either sparks the replacement of just the essentials or an entire renovation. As for the most popular renovations, the kitchen […]

How To Hardwire A Ductless Range Hood

Ductless range hoods are easier to install than ducted hoods because they rely on filters to remove cooking odors rather than transferring the offensive smells outside through ducts. Installing ductwork involves cutting into walls and/or roofs, which is a difficult and dirty job, and also presents a potential for leaks.  Although ductless range hoods don’t […]

Four Signs That May Point To An Impending Electrical Fire

Residential electrical fires rarely appear out of the blue. In many cases, there are telltale signs that mean something is wrong with the electrical system; it’s only that many people aren’t tuned to spot these problems. Here are some of the common signs of a potential electrical disaster: Flickering Lights There are many reasons your […]

Keep Your Family From Getting A Shocking Surprise By Replacing Those Old Outlets

If your bathroom still has the old two-prong outlets, you are at risk of getting an electric shock from a wet or faulty appliance. With some simple household tools and a few minutes of your time, you can replace those dangerous outlets with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. These outlets shut off the […]

Think A Generator Is Too Expensive? Think Again

Many homes and businesses are lacking a backup generator. There are several reasons for this. Many home and business owners believe that they can’t afford to purchase a generator to have on hand in case of an emergency. Generators can be a hefty investment, especially for something that is not used very often. However, there […]

Three Indications That You May Need To Have Your Home Rewired

Although the wiring in your home is largely hidden, it’s important that you don’t take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to maintaining it.  Making sure that the electrical wiring in your home is in tip top shape is vital if you want to keep your family and valuables safe.  While there are […]

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